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Hand towel pot holder combo Includes spatula by txprettydistressed on Etsy.

Hand towel pot holder combo Includes spatula and recipe card for Hot Cocoa

Texas hand towel - hot pad holder. Hangs on oven door.  by [txprettydistressed on Etsy]

Texas hand towel/hot pad holder with extra oven mitt

Hand towel pot holder in one Recipe card for by txprettydistressed

This is a hand made pot holder hand towel in one. Includes a recipe card for Holiday Cider. Cute idea for a stocking stuffer, a new brides gift or just for yourself!

Hand towel pot holder combo set Christmas by txprettydistressed on Etsy.

Poinsettia theme on the oven mitt and beautiful printed music on the hand towel. Great little Christmas gift, wedding shower gift or just to add a bit Christmas decor to your kitchen.