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The treacherous beast of the shadows... I like it

Birthday Scenario Game: Image Gallery

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It is I, Varden, the Last of his Blood

Hipster Band Name Generator....Wing Ding Guacamole omgoodness

Hipster Band Name Generator: Mine is Palatino Combover

Mine is illegal slaves... what about yours??

Metal band name generator, my name is Carlos Vazques and I dislike it. This comment made me laugh so i reposted it.

This could be kinda fun! My fifth grade just began writing blues songs ... what a fun extension.

What's your blues name? Mine is Pretty Bones Lee! I guess you could call a person's bones pretty. and my mom sometimes calls me Lee, so that could be my name. Logically it all makes sense! I'm Pretty Bones Lee =)

Steampunk name generator... I am Baroness Emmeline Wakefield :)>> Madame Fanny Addlechild. uhm

Steampunk name generator. I got Countess Josephine Worthingfield