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Fashion Glass Pearl Jewelry Sets: Earrings, Necklaces and Stretchy Bracelets, with Brass Rhinestone Beads

Giambattista Valli Ads Butterflies and Bugs As Accessories

Accessory details from the Giambattista Valli collection Butterflies and insects must have been his main inspiration in this collection. Animal prints or designs always take a part in his designs. I'm a huge fan of his work! Source: VOGUE RUSSIA

Boho Chic Vintage Rhinestone Cuff, Vintage Aqua Filagree Pendant in Distressed Leather, Upcycled Jewlery, Repurposed Vintage Brooch

Necklace For The Shoulders,Backdrop Necklace,1920,Pearls,Rhinestone,Silver,OOAK Bridal Wedding Jewelry,Victorian,Made By Efrat Davidsohn

Necklace For The Shoulders,1920,Pearls,Rhinestone,Silver,OOAK Bridal Wedding Jewelry,Victorian,Made By Efrat Davidsohn

Antique jewellery has timeless beauty and can be made to look either formal or casual. Everyone appreciates the exquisiteness of Antique Vintage Jewels. Wearing Vintage Jewels adds elegance to your overall look.

Shoulder Epaulettes Bridal Jewelry Accessories Ivory Pearls And Rhinestones,1920 Inspiration Shoulders Necklace,Wedding

Fluent in pop culture and sarcasms, eccentric smartass, undecided but crafty, drama queen, loves everything beautiful, almost perfect, somehow jaded, deeply ironic, moody as hell! I’m a blogger and fashion enthusiast based in Bucharest, Romania! I have...

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