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msd fawn ears

I adore these July commissions

msd horns

Colorful horns with beads and texture for a September commission.

msd 10 point antlers

with pearls and handmade flowers for a September commission. Another wedding for the fawn family?

msd ten point antlers

Ribbons, Spring Time, Pearls, Slot, Le'veon Bell, Antlers, Flowers, Friends, Fresh

msd eight point antlers

Antlers, September, Horns, Deer Horns

msd horns with peals

Horns, Wig, September

msd horns with peals

Horns, September

msd six point antler set

Red Wine, Antlers, Horns, Redneck Wine, Deer Horns

custom msd parts

Rabbit, Bunny, Bunnies, Rabbits