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| Snowfall is most beautiful live wallpaper featuring gentle snowflakes falling overtop swaying pine trees. Not movie, this wallpaper is rendered in OpenGL with full support for both phones & tablets in any orientation! Tilt device to influence the direction of the snow! If you enjoy this, support the developers by getting the paid version. The paid version has a full settings screen with lots of options for the Christmas lights, time of day, santa sightings, light colors, & more!

Snapchat Full Download Android App: Developer: Snapchat, Inc. Category: Social Requires Android: Varies with device Version: Varies with device Size: Varies with Device.

The application’s developers have implemented a number of ad settings, ad-supported: admob. Advertisement support their development free live wallpaper. The app includes some of the love theme based wallpapers. These can become the wallpaper of smart phone or tablet. The developers thank you for your understanding & support, and are in hope that you will like it. This wallpaper has been testing latest equipment, such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Nexus7, HTC One & Sony Xperia Z, millet.

The most realistic rain animation on screen of your smartphone!! Rain Drops Live Wallpaper decorates home screen with an amazing & animated rain. This app is supported via notification ads, that enables us to provide it to you for free. The users can opt-out of these notifications at any time from within app or by visiting the opt-out. It has a very nice display and simulation of rain drops on the screen of Android devices that are found to be falling with different backgrounds.

It is the final version of Camera360 for Android v5.0 comes eventually. You can crop, rotate, blur, texture & edit photos with this. New frames are intorduced. To make life even easier, it has developed Camera360 Cloud, a cloud platform which can help you manage, edit, store, & share your photos all in one place. Join million users and enjoy its free services.

Yahoo! Messenger is an android chat application which allows you to send instant messages, make voice & video calls, & exchange SMS messages for free. It pulls all of your Yahoo! contacts together, allow you to send messages or call these people in snap. SMS messaging to the contacts is supported if you prefer to exchange the messages in this way.

Busuu is an online web-based app that was developed to assist a worldwide community with learning various languages while user is offered the opportunity to share native language skills with others. Writing the exercises & interactive tests include grading as well as different levels like advanced, intermediate or beginner. Awards & badges can be earned as fluency develops.

YouNow is best way to broadcast live & get an audience to watch you. Chat, meet new people & broadcast to start growing your fan base! Everyone receives specific amount of time & fans can either vote yes/no in order to lengthen broadcast an extra minute. Once time expires, next person in the queue is able to broadcast. microphone levels to provide best quality.

The most beautiful photos are on EyeEm. Shoot, edit, & free your creativity through photography using unique filters & effects. Connect with the new talents, & discover exciting albums for every topic you can imagine. Show off world through your camera. Shoot, edit & enhance your photos easily with 20 free filters in every style. Share your photos & albums with your friends across Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Foursquare & Flickr with just one tap.

Locket Lock Screen is a lock screen replacement app which means it will replace your device’s lock screen. This app focuses on giving you news to read & check out every time you turn on your phone. It has come with the complete, nice, large pictures to make the lock screen look nice. The app is pretty simple and replaces your lock screen so when you turn on your device, Locket will be first thing you see.