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Hitorijime - Choukyou Ganbou Capítulo 1 página 1 (Cargar imágenes: 10), Hitorijime - Choukyou Ganbou Manga Español, lectura Hitorijime - Choukyou Ganbou Capítulo 3 online

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Well, yeah, this is a body frame I rigged up looking off of some official art from Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica a while back, I saved the blank .

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Spring 2017 had been the most intense chart of 2017 for having one of the biggest anime titles of the decade (cough cough Attack on Titan).

Disney convertido en anime 7/7 animación de "la sirenita"

"Life under the sea, is better than anything they've got up there" - Sebastian IF Disney's Little Mermaid were anime pt 2 I feel like if this were an ac. Soul of Sea and Shore

Attention to detail is not always necessary. The mood it sets with the colours gliding each other is breathtaking.

✮ ANIME ART ✮ Anime Girl with Sword. The colours gliding each other is breathtaking.