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My Inappropriate Thoughts

This year?? Try my whole life!! ✧@sαdgяσupɪe✧

It doesn't matter. Your words come out just the right way to make me feel special. I literally just screenshot that last response so I can go back to it to awaken me for when i'm feeling down and lousy, or when you aren't around. I love you for being you. I wouldn't want anything I have with you with anyone else. It's a real feel... the feelings I have towards you.

Comforting platonic hugs?! Merlin WILL NOT stand for such inappropriate nonsense! <-this I also do NOT care that i have pinned this already! DONT TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE!

I remember at camp last year they read a quote kind of like this. every varsity game I cheered at I never let anything even remotely inappropriate come out of my mouth because I was once that little girl up in the stands wanting to be just like them

2. Have amazing sex Bucket List from Isabella's Last Request - Laura Lawrence