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Hallway Gallery Wall

Too right - this is the sort of narrow stairs we have....and here is the solution to putting up photographs! Yes!

I really like this image. I like how the face is distorted through the glass and i feel like i can use this in my own photography and develop it further by putting drops of food colouring in water and putting that in front of someone's face.

Random Inspiration 121

I like this one for the strong contrast between the Red And the White Light. It also appears that one lane is busier than the other, this is perhaps due to the relative Strength of the White light against the Red. However it did inspire me to look for unbalanced traffic flows in my Light trails. I included two examples of light trails in my Project. With Traffic I attempted to achieve this concept.

Cartier-Bresson: A master's black-and-white world

This image taken by Henri Cartier Bresson captures line from the left hand corner leading the eyes down the stairs to the movement by the person on the bike.

50 Mind Blowing Watercolor Paintings

I like the explosion of colours that have been used to create this piece. The colours contrast beautifully, causing the eye to stand out and be the first thing to draw your attention.