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Top 10 Female Bass Guitar Players

Carole Kay played bass for every Beach Boys song and created some of the most iconic bass lines in pop music history.


Galaxy Ukulele

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Two ipsy bags w/ five items

Two ipsy bags w/ five items These two ipsy bags are just adorable. The new star guitar bag is the new one for this month with 5 trial size products inside. Adesse New York organic infused nail treatment, Mad Lash mascara, Nuxellance detox facial product, Beasame Vanilla powder( removed cover to smell only) and a eyeshadow brush comes in the rockstar ipsy bag. Makeup

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ROCK STAR Giant Guitar Pick Wall Art - 1107

My first Music Composition or Chord Leading Chart which is in Dmajor and its relative Minor Bminor. I really like the way this came out and will do most of the major keys here. Did the first in D because I really like the DADGAD tuning on acoustic guitar.

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