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But even that is wrong, because one is your chest, the other is your butt, extremely close to your ACTUAL sex organs. Boys doing the same would be boys who have low sides to their shirts, or show close to their nipples, which have the same function as a women, just lesser used. This argument is so idiotic that guys do not even realize HOW their bodies work.

a dumb guy sitting behind me in class said I had to fix my dress because my bra straps(which were barely visible btw) were distracting him!


Mental illness is a DISEASE! It's real, it's physical, and it shouldn't be brushed off like it is.

DoNt FoRgEt AbOuT uS vErY iMpOrTaNt MeN!!!11!!111!!!!

Don't stop believing

Honestly...I'm a lesbian and think those are one of the cutest looks on girls

YES to the second person and the first person thinks girls in beanies are a turn of? wtf does he have eyes lmao

Every time someone else is in the room and I feel like listening to music, I'll turn the music down and only have in one earbud so we can have a normal conversation while I can still enjoy my music

Modern equivalent of taking off your hat


Why do the gays and straights need to be separate? Being Gay is not a disease and it's not unnatural and it is not contagious! I have no idea why homophobes think they have a right to bully and be hypocritical of gays, walk in their footsteps for a day!

Sexism is detrimental for both men and women. Autistic women suffer as do personality disorder men

As a psych major I can confirm, in some cases two different disorders end up being the same thing but are treated differently because of how acceptable the symptoms are in a male or female>>> oh man

Confuse, don't abuse!

Confuse, don't abuse!

Things at least *seem* to be changing after all this Weinstein business, but time will tell.

I have a friend who loves Johnny Depp, and I’ve tried talking her but she won’t listen and will go on about how great he is (tbh he is a good actor but that is NO excuse) and compare him to Leonardo De’Caprio. It’s so annoying and kinda ignorant.

I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

Malaphor, catchphrase, me


STOP i cant move my top jaw!

You are a gorgeous motherfucking sunset.

MRA misandry, feminism, sexism, patriarchy, social privileged,

misogyny hurts men too

This actually works

Calculate what times are best for you to fall asleep based on what time you have to wake up