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Almond, pistachio and turkish delight m'hencha

Spiced frangipane meets indulgent Turkish delight in this take on decadent Moroccan m'hencha.

i like this because the words in arabic sound alike, try saying it! it sounds like " qalbi qatalni" simplified its: " Qal-bi Qa-ta-l-ni" :)

Which is exactly one of many reasons why I want to go to heaven In Sha Allah.. Ya Allah please grant my wonderful husband, my amazing daughter, me and all true believers and our loved ones your paradise forgive our sins Ya Allah and save us from your anger and the fire of hell, the punishment of the grave and humiliation on the day of judgement..ameen..

'Whatever will be, will be' in Arabic. The spanish translation is too mainstream and I'm getting another quote in spanish so this is different and unique

I always wanted to show her & get this tattoo with her or make it a picture & hang it on the wall. It's beautiful.. because to me it meant that following my heart lead me to her & no matter what anyone else thought.. what any one else said.. I didn't freakin' care if the whole world was against us.. my heart lead me to her.. & that's the ONLY thing I wanted to follow! And in the end.. I wished I was the ONLY thing in her heart, that I was undeniable.. & she would follow her heart to me…