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Stylish Dog Beds and Accessories from POOCCIO in toys collars leads beds furniture

myquotesme: DIY Crochet Slouch Boots Here are some really cute DIY Crochet Slouch Boots which you can size to fit any baby or kid. They are not only stylish they are also really comfy and warm. The design features a great slouchy look to it with some really neat ribbed cuffs. Also great for the gifts or baby showers. Enjoy! Follow Us on Tumblr. Baby girl winter booties. Shoes. Autumn. Fall More

Vintage Trains

Vintage Trains wallpaper is b/w cool and also sliding room divider for privacy is a good idea.

Audrey Hepburn and the War, featuring her childhood drawings

Audrey Hepburn - age 10. She had to live on grass and tulip bulbs during WWII. She remained thin throughout her whole life, often not eating b/c of her early childhood experiences.

Create depth Converting a corner of a bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe could leave the remaining space feeling rather cramped. Installing a series of windows and a partially glazed door into that wardrobe, on the other hand, suddenly transforms it. The glazing allows you to see into the wardrobe, producing a sense of depth and boosting the overall feeling of space in the room. Softly lighting the shelves and rails also makes an attractive feature of the neatly ordered clothes.