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It was mandated by the slave owner that one of the slave's (black) breast be reserved to feed the white child.  But if she switched up and let her black baby suckle from the same breast as the white baby, she would be whipped.  Because it was like them sharing the same water fountain.

She wasn't a paid wet nurse who chose this profession, she was an enslaved woman who had to feed all of the white babies first and her child last. if her milk went dry, the slave owner brought another woman, and the enslaved women's children went hungry.

Mugshots of Freedom Riders, Jackson Mississippi, 1961. I love their faces and the range of emotions. All the tiny and not so tiny smiles, as if they know something. I wonder if they knew they'd win. by ofelia

Mugshots of civil rights activist Freedom Riders, Jackson Mississippi, They fought for the rights of others. We must not ever forget their commitment to the civil rights movement.

Wilhelmina Reuben-Cooke, and Nathaniel White, Jr., and Mary Mitchell Harris were the first African-American undergraduates to receive their degrees from Duke in 1967. 1967!!!

Duke University first three African-Americans to graduates, Wilhelmina Reuben-Cooke, Nathaniel White, Jr., and Mary Mitchell Harris received their undergraduate degrees from Duke University in

Black In the Days

Malcolm X and his daughters with Muhammed Ali Two great men - two outstanding fathers.

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Freedom rides were a civil disobedient way to protest against unjust Segregation laws and race discrimination.

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones shines in the movie game as two lovers clinch by Boston Public Library,

This photo is of a girl training to ignore white people pulling on her hair and blowing smoke in her face. Pretty morbid, but what an amazing photo. ”

Eve Arnold: School for black civil rights activists; young girl being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face or her hair being pulled. Virginia, 1960 (no link, but a reminder to find out more about SNCC training)


36 More Stunning Photos of Black Women in the Victorian Era

Freedom March, New York (Harlem), March 1965. I love how she is marching with what is probably dinner swinging from her hand.

"Freedom Now - CORE" Thousands of women turned out in Harlem to support the struggle for civil rights in Selma, March Photo credit: Diana Davies

The Montgomery Bus Boycott: When Rosa Parks refused on the afternoon of Dec. 1, 1955, to give up her bus seat so that a white man could sit, it is unlikely that she fully realized the forces she had set into motion and the controversy that would soon swirl around her. Rosa Parks booking photo

Rosa Parks,Honoured only years later. Was a civil rights activist who refused to give her seat away to a white passenger on a 'coloured' section of the bus. Her act and the Montgomery bus boycott are important events to the civil rights movement.

BUFFALO SOLDIER A studio portrait of an unidentified African American soldier posing with buffalo hide. ca. 1860-1880.

BUFFALO SOLDIER A studio portrait of an unidentified African American soldier posing with buffalo hide. Yale Collection of Western Americana, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library