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:Petformers - Soundwaves: by peanutchan on DeviantArt

Yes in Petformers there is a Dog and a Kitten Soundwave.

TF Dragon concept - Drift by dragona.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Yes, I tried to make a dragon version of Drift (and obviously failed). I really have no excuse for this and I should be kicked out of the fandom.

:PFs Short - Really?: by peanutchan on DeviantArt

Why hello Wreck-gar kitty! XD Wreck-gar wants . :PFs Short - Really?

Transformers Humanized, Transformers Funny, I Love Cats, Geek Things, Troll, Brave, Police, Nerdy, Dragons

Kittyformers Optimus and Megatron. I can't breath anymore! Primus, Megatron is soooo fluffy!

Merformers - Perceptor by KusuKitty.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

He's a very cute fish~ Merformers - Perceptor

DFP: Screeeeamer by WhittyP308.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

You really need to watch where you step Starscream. - Dragonformers Design originally inspired by Transformers Prime (c) Hasbro Art & DFP Design (.

EDDR by EmmeTTyphoon on deviantART (AIM FOR THE HEAD!) "IT WAS ALL KNOCKOUT'S IDEA." "Precisely my WHAT?!?"

"Fk off Knock out" I take this as a part of request? owo --- art(C)me Knock out, Starscream(C)Hasbro