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My top ten most popular Pinterest pins ever (my scandinavian home)

I have to say Pinterest is one of my favourite social medias - one huge site full of interior inspiration, recipes and travel ideas - what's not to love?! Such is my avid use (some sceptics would say

Black is the colour of womb and tomb; we meet at night on the dark of the moon. White is the colour of bone and ash; to speak to the dead we bathe and fast. Red is the colour of blood and death; we rub the bones and give them breath. ~The Necromancer's Chant, by Sarah Anne Lawless

Quantified, catalogued, diminished, renamed, split hairs, lived the best, lived the worst, equilibrium, in beautiful madness, in dazzling darkness. Understand where you're going when you understand where you went. Not enough glue to fix the fractures and with monumental presumption, now time, time, time changes, time evolves, time distorts, time will always demand its relevance.