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Simple sheet that can be worked through with a pupil to help identify their strengths and the things they enjoy or feel good about. This can then be shared among staff or displayed on their workstation. Plain design with room to personalise with a self portrait.

Rauschenberg's self portrait. Saw this exhibit at Philbrook last year with Danny. He is great.

Teaching Self-Portraits: proportion vs. tracing face shapes. For grades 1-4 teach proportion. For grades 5-8 begin by having students trace a picture of themselves onto transparency using vis-a-vis marker. Students tape transparency into sketchbook for shape reference. For grades 9-12 teach both methods and introduce modeling/value

Self Portrait by L.S Lowry (1887-1976). Caps are still very Now.

David Hockney "Man in Newspaper ",1954.David Hockney was born in Bradford…

Lorena Cosba | Possibility with students-a self portrait, and a contrasting image to show what's underneath.

Self portrait (Adelaide Road), 1939, Spencer, Stanley (1891-1959) / Ex-Edward James Foundation, Sussex, UK / Bridgeman Images

This would be amazing - do photos of your child with the art at that age...