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Why do teenage girls hang out in odd number groups? Because they can't even

Good plan :)

Good plan :)

Can this please happen?

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Remember to give yourself to put yourself together: | 18 Sure-Fire Methods For Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning

Funny pictures about Morning Motivation. Oh, and cool pics about Morning Motivation. Also, Morning Motivation photos.


Greatest pun ever :)

Life with Fingerprints:What day is it...

What day is it

Nobody is happier than a camel on Wednesday.cuz its Humpday! Get your Happy Humpday Camel from RowdyTease.

Moon of my life, I also suffer from a lack of vitamin you! Love you infinity my blue eye angel!

mean girls

Ensemble: Emerald + Dots

Candy Canes for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco" - mean girls

And this is how you know that little girl's mom hides in her bathroom to eat a candy bar alone.... Like all moms do.

I can't stop laughing. Especially since today I snuck a tampon from my purse to my pocket on my way to the bathroom, and my coworker asked if I was taking a snack in there.


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I tried to read this to my roommate and couldn't read it without crying from laughter.

So evil…

Why is this so darn hilarious?


This made me laugh quite hard ~♡

Wear pink

Everyone should be wearing pink tomorrow! only i have a navy school uniform so.

True art student / iFunny :)

True art student - I believe it's a fine haired brush.

funniest tumblr text post this is pizza

I started laughing so hard while I had Cheerios in my mouth and I almost spit them out, but I tried keeping them in my mouth but I choked on it, and now my chest hurts from almost dying.