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Jiff le loulou de poméranie titulaire de deux records du monde de marche sur 2…

When You Brought Lunch But You Really Want Your Friend's Burger

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Asian babies and Pomeranians . two of my most favorite things ! For perla

AWESOME if you love animals check this out!! Animal parenthood = cuteness overload

Animal parenthood = cuteness overload

Animal parenthood = cuteness overload (I absolutely adore how the polar bear is pulling it's child by the ear like "you come here this instant, young man" XD)

my heart is literally filled with happiness after looking at this.

Little ginger foster kitten named Cheech was introduced to a teeny tiny five-day…

Cute #CuteAnimals #CuteBabyAnimals #Animals #cute https://instagram.com/p/BQHrrNKAzTr/

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a direct descendant of the King Charles Spaniel and is named after King Charles II. The earliest appearance >>> Continue with the details at the image link.

Going bye bye with my Pomeranian

Going bye bye with my Pomeranian


Adorable Pomeranian Amazes the World with Acrobatic Stunts and Incredible Cuteness


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Tri-color Pomeranian Photographic Print by Cheryl Ertelt at AllPosters.com


Baby animals , Cute baby animals

This is a needle felted pig. This is not a living animal. So many people will think this pig exists.

when traveled with a pom

when traveled with a pom

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Pinterest | @chelstokarski

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Things to Know About Havanese Dogs If someone is contemplating obtaining a new dog for their loved ones, that man might wish to think about the little dog breed known as the Havanese dog.