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I WILL adopt a baby.

Actually, I have mixed feelings about this, it's cute, but it seems a bit exclusionary. I think pregnancy is awesome. So is Adoption. Maybe I just need a shirt that says "Adoption is Awesome.

Adoption Tshirt! $20

A good friend of mine put it perfect today saying "If you aren't adopting, then you should be helping someone adopt" while ro.

Ready to adopt

I always questioned if I was ready to adopt. Then I realized, no child was ready to be an orphan. wowza There is a child out there ready for a family. are you ready to adopt? Let us guide you through the entire adoption journey to bring a child home!


God has heard my whimpers, felt the pain I carry in my heart and has finally blessed me with my baby girl that I have longed for for so long. Adoption was so far fetched and finally our dream has came true all because one amazing person. Jan An