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Some of us are just more sparkly than others!!

You know, I really don't understand exactly what this quote means, but it sounds pretty awesome just as long as I am one of those girls born with glitter in their veins ;

This is ridiculous. No one ever said women like this don't exist but don't tear down women who smoke, drink, have a lot of sex to build yourself up. That's not confidence.

Yes, we do still exist. Oh yes. If we're gonna get technical, I do drink socially and if drama happens, it's NEVER intentionally started, or even happened by me. There's not a lot in this world I hate more than drama!

Very True :) .. I have a great one & i'm very blessed to have him. <3 He's presh*

They don't have time to look for other girls, they are too busy finding new ways to love their own. My man, Drizzy

I feel she is the only "real" singer. She is so amazing and she is, I think, the best remodel. She's been through so much and she still had her head up.

If a man whistles at you, do not respond. You are a lady, not a dog. - Adele I have been saying this my whole life!

Day 46: Whenever your pissed off at someone, you take a deep breath, keep calm, blow sparkles and glitter at the person, and run.

Keep calm and sparkle." This could apply to so much. But first thought was makeup, nail polish, glitter, but also vampires lol, or even sparkly personality. Just don't stop your sparkle.

Even though my dad has passed, this is still true

I'm a Daddy's girl. This would be a great saying to put on a plaque to give dad for Fathers Day! May have to make a couple, one to give my Daddy from his 3 girls & one to give my husband from his little girl!

Dear Legend, I'm unavailable for other peoples dreams. I'm booked for sleeping.

Okay, this is sweet. But if someone is legit dreaming about me as much as I can't sleep at night its kinda creepy.