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Кожаный автомобиль от известного на Ближнем Востоке мастера

Кожаный автомобиль от мастеров с Ближнего Востока

The First Ever Made La Ferrari Is Put Up For Sale

PREVIOUS PINNER SAID: Damn! The First Ever Made #LaFerrari Has Been Put Up For Sale and It Costs a Bomb! Hit the image to see 'how much money' you will need to buy this beast...

This 1985 Renault R5 Turbo 2 is an impressively clean California car claimed to have only 5,875 miles. Most R5 Turbos are kept in good nick, but this Sun International car has to come in near the top. A VIN tag is shows VF1822000F0000564, and though no BAR exemption is mentioned, the Sun connection and California dealer offering give us hope that this might be one of the few smog legal examples out there. Find it here on eBay in San Carlos, California with an opening bid of $45k.

Lamborghini Urus SUV - will go into production in 2018. It will be based on Audi Q7/Bentley Bentayga underpinnings and will be priced from around £150,000 - Lamborghini has so far refused to reveal engine details of the forthcoming Urus, beyond saying it would develop “around 600bhp” but claims it will be the fastest accelerating production 4x4...x

Parents of M62 police shooting victim Yassar Yaqub among mourners at vigil on same spot he was killed

Meet the insane Ariel Nomad, the ultimate off-road buggy

"It's your choice every day, every meal. Every penny you spend can feed pollution and disease, or promote nutrition."

BMW's i8 supercar coming 2016 I had an opportunity to drive a BMW street car on a race track and out all the cars I drove that day it handled like a race car....OUTSTANDING

The World's Shadiest 'Supercar' Company Is Still Trying To Rip You Off

A year ago, Jalopnik delved into the seedy world of Super Replicas, the bizarre Panama-based company that claims to make perfect exotic car copies for as low as $20,000. We still get several emails a month from interested buyers asking if the company is really a scam or not. That's because Super Replicas is still out there.

Faraday Future just unveiled a super fast Tesla competitor here's what it looks like Read more Technology News Here --> The FF 91 could be the fastest electric car ever made accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds. Faraday Future claim it's a "new species" of car that is smarter faster and more connected than anything else on the road. Read more... More about Electric Car Electric Cars Tesla Standalone Featured and Real Time Video Source/Original…