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Never suspect

Funny pictures about Hopefully they won't notice. Oh, and cool pics about Hopefully they won't notice. Also, Hopefully they won't notice.

Freighters on Nebraska City's main street 1860 (Nebraska Historical Society).

Walking Nebraska City's main street from the Missouri River is a journey.

Idiom: Until the cows come home - a long or indefinite time. This idiom, referring to the manner in which cows make their way home at an unhurried pace, can be documented as early as the mid 1800s.

until the cows come home by OneEyedJax barns,Cute Animals,Farm,~country life~,

Black and White Farm  8 x 12 Photograph by perspectivephoto, $20.00

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Hay Field-----I wasn't raised on a farm but I find that fields of hay bales for some reason soothe my soul.

Army helmet on a tort. Love it!

Funny pictures about Tortoise Battle Armour. Oh, and cool pics about Tortoise Battle Armour. Also, Tortoise Battle Armour photos.

this picture is just so cute and funny! Cute poster to hang up #sharkweek #coldstonecreamery #fin-spiration

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Lion riding horse in Chinese zoo. That looks like the lion is hurting that poor horse!

milking cow - Google Search

Did you know cows with names and individuality produce more milk! I have myself seen that they always go & rest at their own respective place/corners even if there are hundreds of cows.


Prague Zoo has welcomed its first Alaskan or Dall Sheep lamb. While the fluffy white lamb's sex is as yet undetermined, if it is male, it will grow long curled horns.