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the maze runner characters: aris, newt, winston, harriet, minho, gally, chuck, alby, ben, frypan, ratman, sonya, thomas, teresa, brenda, and ava.

Frankly this was the only part that was right from the book. Some of the plot changes make sense but what is this crap with Brenda not being immune?!?!? There's no shucking cure!!!!!!! Get it right SLINTHEADS

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She leaned over until her face was only inches above his. Her hair whipped all around. “I’m sorry,” she said, though he barely heard her. “I didn’t mean to—I mean, I know that you …” She fumbled for words, looked away. What was she talking about? — James Dashner, The Scorch Trials. Fanart by @Lehanan_Aida #Thomas #Brenda #ScorchTrials #TheMazeRunner