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An animal magnetism that will leave even the most brilliant of minds thirsting for more. A chaos so beautiful yet so powerful the gravitational force keeps your feet planted firmly on the ground. Welcome to my world.GEMINI//GEMINI Ascendent ENFP...

Hello, my name is Laura and this is my blog. I track the tag / use this tag if you want me to see your stuff / Always feel free to message me :) I don't answer fanmails, but I read every single one! x

@theshoplaguna's photo: "Wearing a SMILE this Friday EVE! Happy Friday shop babes! SEE YOU TOMORROW ✌️#theshoplaguna"

All human life matters. Learn to become color blind it's easy. Hate no one for God created using all. We have rules & laws, policy & procedures we all need to follow. This includes our President & government. Same laws for all.

Typo and Lee was just walking, when they stumbled upon this graffiti. "Well, isn't this just sad," said Typo. "I always thought Narnia would be...more brighter."