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The FDA is considering proposals to regulate e-cigarettes that would discourage their use. The Los Angeles City Council has banned them in public places, and the California Legislature may vote on an anti-"vaping" law this week. Government could nudge many more Americans to quit smoking and eventually save millions of lives #Vaping #LosAngeles

To help smokers quit, make them vapers

About 65 percent of adults think e-cigarettes are harmful to the health of people who use them.

A man smokes an electronic cigarette vaporizer, also known as an e-cigarette, in Melbourne.

Smokers who switch to e-cigarettes may breathe fewer toxins

The Vaping Congressman Spent $1,302 of His Campaign Funds Last Year on Video Games

Find out why Duncan Hunter is vaping on the floor of Congress.

$2-per-pack cigarette tax increase introduced in California Legislature

The California State Senate on Thursday handed an ivoice to regulate e cigarettes as tobacco, providing the determine to the Assembly the place where a much the

E-cigarettes are "not safe" and "now a major public health concern'"among young people, top doctor warns

"This is yet another example of how anti-vaping activists are willing to say or do anything to further their ideological war against a far safer alternative to smoking." - Gregory Conley, President, The American Vaping Association

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I've scoured the web to find the 10 coolest vape mods. Check it out and tell me how wrong I am, or how right I am or send me stuff so I can do better next time.

The 10 Coolest Custom Vape Mods From Around The Web

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Chuck Norris Just Put Van Damme’s Epic Volvo Ad Completely to Shame

Chuck Norris Just Put Van Damme's Epic Volvo Ad Completely to Shame. Why does it speak to me? Awesomeness just does.