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save nature

Deforestation is making thousands of animals homeless every month. Deforestation is cutting out our natural filteration system for clean air.


10 Street Artists You Should Know that Crush the Urban Street Art Scene

10 famous street artists you should know from Banksy to Blu, to Vhils. This guide to the most famous street artists shows the best urban street art.

Animal cruelty awareness protest in Spain.

What a dish: Protester lies naked on giant plate in the street to highlight animal cruelty

People walk past an activist during an Animal Naturalis demonstration to promote vegetarianism in central Barcelona, December --- I'm not a vegetarian but this is pretty good.

An albino, near death, in Biafra, Africa

Don McCullin, is one of the world's most gifted war photographer, whose unflinching photographs brought the horror of war into the homes of the UK throughout the and

I thought that this image shows a painful truth. The media chooses the photos they use to produce a desired effect. For instance if the media is trying to create a bias against someone they would most likely use a shocking photo. A picture says a thousand words and the media knows that all too well. They will show the photos that cause a reaction, that garners more viewership. However pictures do not always tell the whole story, just like the pin illustrates.

Citizen Photojournalism Game Shows That Framing Shots Differently Changes the Story

This might be an interesting way to help students with the images on the synthesis essay.``````Citizen Photojournalism Game Shows That Framing Shots Differently Changes the Story

little boy sleeping in his dad's arms - humans of new york - kindness

This photo was taken around midnight on a Brooklyn-bound C Train. The son was sprawled out on his father’s lap, sleeping. The father was cradling the boy’s head in his hands. It was a pretty touching.

Beautiful, depressing campaign. | The Most Powerful Ads Of The World Wildlife Fund

The Most Powerful Ads Of The World Wildlife Fund

WWF Marine Protection Campaign: Brain Corals - of plastic ends up in the sea.


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