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Yuma River dwellers, like the Pima shown here, suffered from measles outbreaks in the

Edward S. Curtis Litho Print: "Harvesting Cactus Fruit - Maricopa" C529

Harvesting Cactus Fruit - Maricopa (The North American Indian, v. Cambridge, MA: The University Press, by Edward Sheriff Curtis from USC Libraries

Pima woman - circa 1900    536454_10151679740995578_1865951604_n.jpg (595×768)

Pima woman - circa 1900 Near the Gila River.it's not running through the reservation.white farmers have it to the north.not running!

According to O'odham oral history, the labyrinth design depicts experiences and choices we make in our journey through life. In the middle of the "maze", a person finds their dreams and goals. When one reaches the center, we have one final opportunity (the last turn in the design) to look back upon our choices and path, before the Sun God greets us, blesses us and passes us into the next world.

Man In The Maze.This labyrinth is believed by the Pima to be a floorplan to the house of I'itoi, and by the Tohono O'odham to be a map giving directions to his house.

Kiowa children - circa 1898

Kiowa children - no date - They look so sad.the fate of Native Americans was horrible.brings tears to my eyes.

Qahatika Papago women - 1907

Library of Congress: Edward S Curtis Collection Resting in the harvest field - Qahatika

Montana Bill,‘The Renowned Indian Fighter & Canadian Scout The Most Remarkable Marksman Living. See him Shoot! Buffalo Bill’s Righthand Man.’

Montana Bill,‘The Renowned Indian Fighter & Canadian Scout. The Most Remarkable Marksman Living. Buffalo Bill’s Righthand Man.