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Scientists observe how quantum superpositions build up in a helium atom within femtoseconds

Alice Fox | Gifts from the Pavement for Sketchbook Project 19 - a record of things picked up in the streets around my home on everyday short walks during autumn and winter. They have come together with the help of the chemistry of tea to make marks on the pages of the book. I’ve then used rollers and ink to build up more marks and texture and finally there are stitches added in response to the other marks. #artists_book

Humans differ from each other in race, religion, gender, and orientation, but if we zoom in down to our elemental building blocks, we're all made up of the same, exact elements. So when you get down to it, we're not so different. That's a nice thought! He

Lightning storm in New York (2006) by GrahamF. The Empire State Building is hit nearly 100 times a year by lightning.

Over the past couple of months I've been working away slowly at my contribution to The Sketchbook Project. My book is a record of things picked up in the streets around my home on everyday short wa...

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Exploding Milk Experiment

Have you ever started out doing one thing and ended up with something totally different? Thats what happened with our exploding milk experiment. It started off as a completely innocent experiment using milk, food coloring and dish soap and ended up as a bubbly, fizzy adventure. We did all of these activities at once but you can split them up over a series of days culminating with the exploding milk experiment.

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Community Post: He Is Not Crazy!

Its time to bring the misconceptions about panic attacks, anxiety,depression to the table and blast them away.We do this little by little every single day.By opening up to how you truly feel, go inwards to come outwards & get rid of other peoples negativity towards this disabilitating condition.We do this together, so no person feels segregated and on they're own, victimised by pointless stigmata's, that they're not on they're own with this condition..never let anyone put you down again xxx

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100 Questions for Character Couples

These questions can help you flesh out your WIP's relationships, find hidden details to use in your tale, and discover more about your characters.

Three free Chemistry Lesson Plans from MIT, all using LEGOS to learn.