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Alice Fox | Gifts from the Pavement for Sketchbook Project 19 - a record of things picked up in the streets around my home on everyday short walks during autumn and winter. They have come together with the help of the chemistry of tea to make marks on the pages of the book. I’ve then used rollers and ink to build up more marks and texture and finally there are stitches added in response to the other marks. #artists_book

You could be forgiven for thinking designer Steven Banken created the piece below by stocking up on a selection of MinWax stains: Instead the Eindhoven graduate, who shares a studio building with Piet Hein Eek, went Walter White and created the gradations via chemistry. Breaking Good As Banken explains, Oak

Stowaway Deep Cycle Battery ST27DC180 $84.99 Applications: Marine Deep Cycle/RV/Back-up Power 12 Volt 6-13/16 in. x 12 in. x 9-7/16 in. Battery chemistry: Flooded lead acid Battery type: Lead acid - maintenance free Terminal type: SAE post & wing nut terminal 36 month total - 1st 12 months limited warranty

Humans differ from each other in race, religion, gender, and orientation, but if we zoom in down to our elemental building blocks, we're all made up of the same, exact elements. So when you get down to it, we're not so different. That's a nice thought! He

Atom Builder. Here's a chance for you to construct a carbon atom. You'll start with a hydrogen atom, which contains one proton and one electron. Just add protons, neutrons, and electrons. By the way, you must also build each proton and neutron from two types of quarks -- up quarks and down quarks. Finally, some advice: try to keep the particles' charges balanced. Requires Shockwave.

MIT has created three free science lesson plans using Lego building blocks. Each lesson takes about 2-4 hours, and is suggested for ages 11 and up. The LEGO Chemical Reactions lesson introduces st…