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In a collection of postcards from The National Library of France, we see how one artist at least imagined life in the future. These images were created between 1899 and 1910 under the title EN L'AN 2000 — In the Year Motorized Skates Automated...

Villemard 1910 - En L'An 2000 - Sentinel advanced in the Helicopter by amphalon, via Flickr

What Might Have Been: The French View

Retro futurism is my favorite thing. Knowledge zapped into le brain!

La vie future de l'an 2000 imaginée en 1910

Lan 2000 imaginé en 1910 anticipation retrofutur 1910 imagination 2000 03 histoire featured divers design

I love these. Retro-futurism! 19th-Century French Postcards Predict The Future -