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PA Dutch 101: Video 38 - Asking and Giving Directions.m4v

PA Dutch Video 38 - Asking and Giving

PA Dutch 101: Video 16 - Describing what you like

This video introduces the verb GLEICHE and its use to describe what someone likes or doesn't like in PA Dutch.

PA Dutch 101: Video 18 - The Weather.m4v

This video covers how to talk about weather in PA Dutch.

PA Dutch 101: Video 5 - Numbers.m4v

This video explains how to say the numbers in PA Dutch.

PA Dutch 101: Video 11 - Days, Months, Seasons

This video covers the vocabulary associated with the days of the week, months of the year and the seasons of the year. It also teaches phrases associated wit.

PA Dutch Dialekt joke - YouTube

Bill ____ and _______ who are part of an organization dedicated to preserving die Dialekt ("PA Dutch" German dialect). This joke is an excellent example of e.

pennsylvania dutch art - Google Search

Old Painted FOOT Stool PA Dutch TULIPS Flowers FOLK ART

PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH HEX SIGN: Prosperity through out the New Year, by Brandy Naugle

Fraktur Hex Signs - Double Rosette w/ internal Rosette, Oak, & Acorns.

Double Dutch Distlefink8 inch Hex Sign, Hex Signs: Pennsylvania General Store

This masonite sign is 8 inches and is generally hung with a single nail in the center hole.

PA Dutch 101: Video 3 - Where you live.m4v

This video describes how to talk about where you live and where you come from in PA Dutch.