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Pastel Goth Demon Sigil | Stickers & Decals

Summon powerful demons pastel goth style! Whether you're looking to have…

Michelle Obama coyly flashes a Devil’s Horn sign on the cover of Vogue magazine. The way she is holding her fingers in not natural. Try it and see for yourself. Note the phrase, “The First Lady that the World has been waiting for.” and the word “Superpowers.” Such magazine covers are designed very carefully to convey meaning. Have we really been waiting for a First Lady with occult superpowers? Not !

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Français 28, f. 249v. St. Augustine, De civitate dei (translation of Raoul de Presles). Rouen, 3rd quarter of the 15th century.

9 things you think you know about Jesus that are probably wrong

Christian fundamentalism is a capitalist construct: The secret history of American religion. The origins of modern evangelicalism can all be traced back to the founder of Quaker Oats. A historian explains

Devil's Highway Route 666~ The sixth branch of the long gone Route 66 that runs through four states in the west. The road is almost 200 miles long, and runs through Colorado, New Mexico, and ends in Utah. There are several legends surrounding the highway including Skinwalkers, an insane truck driver, ghost girl, Devil Dogs etc...