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No al Aborto. El Aborto es un asesinato. La Vida comienza desde la concepción.


Black & Purple | PENTAGRAM SHELF

Kinda looks like the symbol in Yandere Simulator's occult club room. Comment if you know what I'm talking about

Eye tattoo design is one of the most meaningful tattoos in the world. New tattoo idea with meaning is the mixture of ancient beliefs and modern demand. Everyone knows what popularity have the tattoos of ancient times and because of that each person searching tattoos that have high demand, deep meaning and popularity.!Tattoos-of-an-Eye/o4knb/5756d31f0cf24c9615a3c0ac

The satan of every fandom is a sassy fuck.<<< The amount of people (including myself) that can relate to that worries me.<<<hahhaa

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Constantine (2005)

Constantine, the wood like character is perfect for Keanu Reeves. Amazing detailed scenes, I quite like the premise of Constantine knowing he is going to hell because he had tried to kill himself years earlier. Now he fights demons trying to break through into our world.

Beautiful geometric Death's Head moth design--hunting for the artist

Watcher of the Ancients by Bjarke Pedersen | Fantasy | 2D | CGSociety

Book of Shadows: #BOS Understanding #Figurative #Symbols page.

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Macabre Photo Series Puts The Trick In Trick Or Treat


Reminding me of Joseph Cornell's Boxes... Shrines, Fetish Objects- we give them supernatural powers because they still our worries and anxieties... Do we wear these objects for the same purpose? Or as a kind of shrine to the one we hold dear with nostalgia!?