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Tear My Heart Out And Take It With You

It took me years to figure out."fitting in" is OVERRATED! May my kids learn to love themselves for the amazing people they are!

Keep these ones close <3

There are some people in Life who make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter and live a little better. Thanks for being one of those people!

Big Party

My sister gave me a poster with this quote and a collage my favorite pictures of London after studying abroad <3

Travel Quotes The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Augustine of Hippo To travel is to live.


this is good advice.minimize regret - do everything with calmness and clarity.

Dont do it!

Exactly if you don't know how others feel or what they truly want in their life don't make up shit with your small mind and big mouth saying your imagination and delusion when it's just you lying to yourself.

Unfortunate but true

Common sense is a flower that doest grow in everyone's garden. - Fun fact: You can't expect everyone to know the common sense thing to do, some people just don't practice common sense.

Ashleigh Eden

"The reason that seesaws have two seats is because that way there is always someone to bring you back up when you go down.

Don't be afraid of change. Here's how: http://howtolivehappily.info/blog/2011/02/anxiety-attacks-anger-depression-how-to-deal-with-overwhelming-emotions/

Don't be afraid of change. 14 Inspiring Quotes that will help you get through the fear of change. Tap to see more quotes about change.