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Love-focused. Encouraging. Illuminating. Our horoscopes are many things. Boring isn’t one of them. Read yours:

Used to be true of me, but when I had kids, I lowered those standards because kids are little for only a little while. Fun, mess, giggles, and lots of love became far more important than perfectionism.

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TOP 10 Capricorn Characteristics

With the help of astrology we can understand ourselves and people around us better. Read on to learn more about the common traits of the Capricorn and leave a comment about how accurate these traits you found. via @Topinspired

Sagittarius - You want the truth, I will give it to you. Although, I do so in a kind manner (unless you are someone that I really don't care for in the least.).

Capricorn - we say it like it is. It's not to hurt anyone intentional it's just the plain truth. And the truth is hard to hear.