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En ocasiones nos complicamos la vida innecesariamente ¿por qué buscamos problemas donde realmente no los hay? Nos creamos una carga muy pesada, con pensamientos que nos introducen en nuestro propio...

Why ETF Trading Volume Does Not Determine ETF Liquidity #trader_education #etf_trading #etf_trading_strategy

The Clothing You Wear While Working Out Is Important to Womens Fitness | Womens Fitness #womens_fitness

Check out my newly designed blog and tell me what you think. I also have a new article posted "The Secret to a Better Golf Game".


5 Foods to Avoid If You Have Bipolar Disorder

The Five Worst Foods for Bipolar Disorder From salty snacks to morning cups of Joe, beware these foods if you have bipolar disorder — they may trigger mood swings and more.

According to a recent Psychological study, 73% of break-ups occur due to Mood-swings of either partners.

from 34 Menopause Symptoms

7 Symptoms of Menopause That Men Need to Know about

34 Menopause Symptoms Treatments

From website: Here is a great collection of play doh recipes (and so much more) which I have been given or found over the years from a variety of sources while working with many children as an OT.

Top 2 Reasons We Dont Fight The Stock Markets Trend (Psychology Tip)

When you start to recovering from narcissist abuse, you will change. You might freak everyone out. People who are used to the "old you" may be caught off guard. It allows you to set up boundaries and let others hold their own pain and anxiety instead of you taking it on for them. You become more assertive and confident. Allow this to happen. The dust will settle and everyone will adjust.