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Always..weater itc omes from him..in a cryted message..or me..

weater itc omes from him.in a cryted message.


You have to learn to get yup from the table when love is no longer served. 10 Tips on Self-Confidence From Trail-blazing Black Women Nina Simone

I couldn't agree more!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

I couldn't agree more!

Này thì bảo éo phải thánh xem!?

Lấy trên Face thấy hay nên quăng vào. - Thánh Anh Văn

Này thì bảo éo phải thánh xem!?

I wish he knew how precious he is! If only he knew....

Yep thanks for the video that you sent to the "wrong person" the other day. Made me feel like shit more! I appreciate it.u had to stab me again and again.


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Those we call weak may be the strongest weve ever known, and those we know as strong might be very weak.

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I thought this us. but then I realized you said "you have nothing to say to me" . so you dumped me for another person. Hope that person is worth it cuz you just lost the most loyal and loving guy you'll ever meet


Oh yes, but don't stay stuck thinking of the past too much learn from it & move forward.