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Cu Chulainn was a hero from Ulster. He was the son of the god, Lugh, and his childhood name was Setanta. In a way, he is like a viking, or even the Incredible Hulk, because he is taken by fits of extreme rage, which gives to his success in war. Cu Chulainn is killed by javelins made by the sons of Calidin. He hears battle cries and sees warriors that are really just illusions conjured up by the enemy. After being hit, he tied himself to a pillar so that he could stand upright to face his…

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Fossil Ammonite - Twitter / cnsgpedro: ¡Lavín, cacho ammonite! Primo ...

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Paleontologists argue over just how this species of shark uses this tooth whorl on its bottom jaw. They do know tough shelled creatures like ammonites, cameroceras and other nautiloids were a very plentiful prey species. This tooth whorl had to be a specialized "utensil" per say, to open these shelled creatures up and expose their soft inners.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder c. 1567, Peasant Dance (detail)

auctionguide: Ammonite Fossil, Alberta Canada Sotheby’s, Natural History, Paris, Oct 12th

As the Ottoman Islamic armies advanced towards Vienna in 1529, the city's population organised an ad-hoc resistance formed from local farmers, peasants and civilians determined to repel the inevitable attack. The defenders were supported by a variety of European mercenaries, namely German Landsknecht pikemen. [“Five Landsknechte“, Radierung von Daniel Hopfer, 1530]

Opalized Ammonite (Ammolite) by Claude@Munich, via Flickr