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Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. and nobody wants to be that boring. So inevitably you have to take criticism with a light heart - something for me to learn.

I get a karmic kick in the butt every morning to get up and clear this shit out. There's a staggering difference in just a matter of weeks! I'll need another b12 today to help the energy levels keep pace with this. It's crazy. Crazy good :D Lee and Sherry have also helped immensely. They are so much fun! You can't not be inspired by their story <3

Stop spending you life wanting and needing watching everyone else get theirs while your always waiting hoping that you get yours be grateful for whatever you do have and then watch the floodgates open the fuck up!! GRATITUDE ISN'T JUST A WORD!!!

from Jane Travis - Self Care for People Pleasers

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It requires integrity of character to face life alone at times. Sometimes you have to learn a lesson that requires solitude. It requires your utmost honesty. Because at times it is easy to walk away from hardship- at that point isolation can keep us stuck. Only you know when you're running to or running from something. Good luck on your journey. :D

from The Huffington Post

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She is such a strong person..i am so proud to be her daughter.