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SILVER BEADED DRESS, 1920s Dove gray silk chiffon, all-over beading in abstract geometric patterns, drop waist jeweled sash, B 34", Drop W 36", L 55", (.5" hole L shoulder & tiny tear on R, few loose beads) very good. MCNY via Augusta Auctions

Kelly from Off the Beaded Path, in Forest City, North Carolina shows you how make a beautiful pair of herringbone stitched earrings. We have materials used t...

#emilykinney - "One more minute. That was all that remained of his wait; one more minute. The anticipation had caused his wobble to cease, despite the continuation of the extravagant height. The beads of sweat popping out across his forehead no longer were because of his concentrating on balancing. No, they now squeezed and pooled over because there was now only one more minute. And then . . . Then all would see. . . . All would know."

Some Examples of Carved clay beads from Mali. These beads are at least 100 years old. | Although often collected and strung as beads today, these spindle whorls would have originally been used to help spin thread. Made of clay and stone and incised with geometric patterns, they are recognizable by their enlarged central hole. Recent excavations in the old city of Djenne, Mali, show whorls to have been used since at least 1000AD.