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I am totally going to say this to people if they complain that I ship 2 guys.


Dean: You know it's kinda funny talking to a Messenger of God on a cell phone. It's like watching a Hell's Angel ride a moped. Castiel: This isn't funny Dean. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes! ~ One of my favorite scenes!

Exorcism spell - I've been searching for this.

Last night I had a dream where I was hunting demons and I did know the words to an exorcism, so I am pinning this so I can memorize it for next time.

Supernatural  Remember When...   #AVerySupernaturalChristmas  3.08

A Very Supernatural Christmas ^^ and the. When Cas finally gave it back, he threw it away and killed all the souls of every hunter(spn version of Whovians-just go with this) ever.

I don't ship Dean and Cas but this is to awesome- I do want Leo to get an oscar tho.

We'll start a petition if we have to. The FanFiction will tide the Destiel shippers over until it happens, but Leo only has his empty award case. He needs our help first.

Misha's reflexes are hilarious. How they got anything done in the show is amazing. Lol

“We are very busy, very important people. [x]”<<< Is this footage of Dean coming out of the closet to Cas?<<< destiel or Jensen+Misha coming soon?

The sims funny stuff.

The sims funny stuff. (Probably Seasons Expansion or a Mod)