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Greet the New Year! - The Mailbox

Ginger Bread House:This Can Be Done W/Duct Tape Or Riveting Cardboard Boxes (Inside Out )Together & Cut In The Shape Of A House (& Roof).Draw Paint /Designs As Shown In Picture."Candy Cane Corners": Tape Pringles Cans Together & Cover With Red & White Striped Paper. Lollipops: Cut Out A Few Cardboard Circles & Glue One On Top Of The Other, Cover W/Paper & Paint. Same With Other Items Like Door, Mail Box, Etc.NOTE: Link Doesnt Belong To Picture, But Gives You An Idea On How To Make This.

use blocks and masking tape to makes shapes on the floor

I use these Whole Brain Teaching attention getters on a daily basis with my ELL students. These attention getters are a great way to improve your classroom management. I usually pick one or two to teach the class at the beginning of the year. Then every month or every few weeks, I introduce a new attention getter, which my students can't wait for!!

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Classroom Crafts to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Classroom Crafts to Celebrate the Chinese New Year. This year, Chinese New Year begins on February 1st. Here are some fun and easy ways you can bring some auspicious Chinese New Year fun into your classroom.

The Little Red Hen - retelling with SWBS

She’s the Singaporean designer reinventing timeless jewelry with her contemporary East-meets-West aesthetic. True to form, this special Chinese New Year’s collection pays homage to the occasion with quirky, modern art-inspired rings of each animal in the Chinese zodiac. From 2016’s monkey to the tiger, rabbit, or dragon, each figure is crafted in colored 18k white gold with a rhodium base.

Put shaving cream and food coloring in a ziplock bag. (Be sure to get the air out when you seal it.) Then let your kiddos smoosh and draw on the bag with their fingers. The colors mix to make new colors. (red+yellow=orange, blue+red=purple, yellow+blue=green)

We love crafts from around the world. Not only is it wonderful to get craft with new ideas, but also to learn about different cultures. These Chinese Cherry Blossom Fans are simply adorable a perfect craft for Chinese New Year –  or maybe even as a Spring Craft as we eagerly anticipate the warmer weather.…

This would be great to do as a New Year Activity!--All about me beginning and end of the year