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joelzimmer: Nose Tap Brie meets a dachshund on the street in the Lower East Side. Photo source 793 Nose Tap (by Joel Zimmer+ Add Contact)

this is like when friends get the same shirt, each in a different color haha

Nice Doxie family together at the beach in nice colored sweaters.nice family day at the beach

How fun. Dachshund ice cube trays!

Dachshund ice cube tray from the What On Earth company! Who doesn't want wiener dog-shaped ice cubes?

Caleb 'n Killian - photo via The Doxiefollies Villa

Caleb 'n Killian - photo via The Doxiefollies Villa

.keeping your spot warm... (geez, how cute is he!? C.).

keeping your spot warm. (geez, how cute is he!

How to be absolutely charming. The Joan Rivers look.

Blonds have more fun. Blonde Pigtails Wig for Cats / Wig for Dogs

I just found my dog's Christmas present... every weiner dog needs a bun :)

Great for weiner burrowing! Every weiner dog needs a bun :)

who needs a bone?!?

This isn't a toy?) My dachshund takes items out of the recycle bin and runs around the house with them.

Four Dachshunds Landscaping Service...Must be a Nationwide Franchise because they do my yard also.

Four Dachshunds Landscaping Service - I love gardens, I love Dachshunds. They both need supervision.