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I love staying at hotels! I sleep so much better. I'm thinking it's because the rooms are so quiet and dark.

My husband and I are planning our first anniversary getaway. I can hardly wait! Hopefully we can stay at a grand hotel with a warm breakfast. I love fun getaways like this.

My mom just bought a boat! That's the best way to have one-- when a parent you can mooch off of buys it. We're already planning a trip up to Flathead lake in August, and I think we'll go locally a few times before then.

Some of the names that businesses give themselves are interesting. I had never heard the phrase "self contained accommodations" before. When I saw the picture it looked like an apartment to me. What is the difference?

I like going to medium/smaller places when I travel. They are usually very friendly and helpful. They also know some of the best out of the way places to eat.

Strange as it is, I would like to go to a bar while I am on vacation. Vacations are a good time to try new things. Going into a bar and seeing what it is all about would be fun. There is a lot that I want to experience in this life and going to a bar is one of them.

This is a beautiful home. I wonder how long it took to restore it to this condition. It probably took some wall removal and other similar projects to complete.

I really want to get my house remodeled. Now that our family is growing we really could use some more space. I would also really like to make my home look more modern. I wonder how much it would cost to have my house remodeled.