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In May 2014, as the new stable government took oath in Delhi, there was a wave of optimism and excitement that pursed through Indian veins. Of the numerous

The Flag of CHINA. Change Britain found 14 countries – including China, Brazil, India and Australia have publicly expressed a desire to strike a trade deal with Britain once Theresa May finally triggers Article 50. The combined economic worth of the 14 nations who say they want trade deals with Britain amounts to £17trillion – more than double the £7.2billion of the combined GDP of nations who have deals with the EU. << Source = Daily Express 30OCT2016. jp.

Economic Development and Reform Deepening in China :: <P>This book, together with<I> Macro-control and Economic Development in China</I> is a collection of papers written in recent years about maintaining economic growth, managing inflation, the relationship between growth and structural adjustment, control of price growth, maintaining stable economic development, and other relevant aspects of macro-control, economic development, and deepening reform. Chinese government adopts many...

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Seoul: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday sought more South Korean investment in India, promising CEOs in Seoul a more stable and predictable taxation system, and emphasising that his government is working aggressively to make India a very easy place to do business.

You can improve your business growth with outsourcing. The main reasons for software outsourcing to India are as follows: 1. Skilled and talented resources 2. Cost saving 3. Unique timezone 4. Stable Government 5. Infrastructure and technological capabilities

One of the most popular residential property locations in India, Chennai is fast developing as a favourite spot for making investments. The government and the Corporation are taking several initiatives to ensure that the realty sector remains stable and flourishing.

India China Chronicle - November 2013 : The forum of the world’s largest economies, G-20, was mobilized in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008. The agenda was to boost sustainable, inclusive and balanced growth to make the global economy stronger and stable. However, five years hence, the tone and tenor of G-20 has changed. At the birth of G20, it seemed that the responsibility of financial governance would be shouldered by emergin... More

Political stability in India... Having a stable propensity of the Government holding rampant competition amongst numerous other political parties is called Political Stability