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Just like Pocahontas, your personality type is INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). You are extremely observant, good-natured and you pay attention to people around you. You have a very strong value system and your moral compass is always pointed in the right direction. You are fascinated by different people and cultures and you're never judgmental of others differences. You dream big, and your next adventure is waiting for you, just around the river bend.

This Word Association Test Will Determine Your Disney Personality Type

Yes, I have green eyes and black fur. I am a black cat.  Title:(156) A Black Cat Artist: Jingfen Hwu   The following sizes of prints are available in

lifelike/realistic cat drawing, watercolor pencil, the face of a black cat art print, cat lover gift, cat art print, A4 print 8x10 print 6x8