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Best Art Ever (This Week) – 06.15.12

Death by Marc Hempel From Sandman Chronicles Neil Gaiman

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Get to Know the Superheroes

Injustice Gods Among Us. A nice infographic picture about some superheroes for the incoming game Injustice Gods Among Us.

Tim Richard and Connor

Young Justice cartoon- Dick foisting his little brother off on poor Connor

Jack@MCM Oct 27-29 on

Comic Art

Klarion Bleak by deviantArtist woopingLLAMA.

an attempt to do a finished drawing for once. sort of.

What if male superheroes had to wear the same skimpy costumes women wore?

If I don’t get pants, nobody gets pants by Theamat Since we’re apparently having a Wonder Woman week at BABD currently, a Wondy-themed Happy Friday is a must! “If I don’t get pants, nobody gets pants”.