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Chansoo *-* #exo #chansoo #chanyeol #kyunsoo

IT reminds me of the Heuheueheueheueueheu meme XD

Inspiring picture funny, awesome, tumblr post, thug life. Resolution: 612x612. Find the picture to your taste!

Bangtan 방탄 | J-Hope 제이홉 & Suga 슈가 2/2

Jungkook and Jin - guys...where do you have your hands?

BTS- Hoseok and Yoongi: I feel for Yoongi, I would cry for Hobi. Me and Yoongi loves Hobi!!!

Lol If you ever hear screaming in a BTS video there is a 95% chance that its J-Hope. The other 5% is V.

I'm not into shipping kpop pairs, I just like their friendship! :) It's great how thez look out for each other!