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Super work by Toshiaki Takayama. Keywords: concept battle robot mech mecha digital technical illustration design art work by japane.

Airplane Art, Fighter Aircraft, Fighter Jets, Lightning, Air Planes, Modern, Military Aircraft, Knitting, Defying Gravity

Montserrat Ps _I- -I_

Iekeliene Transformed Into Pure Poison Majo Fruithof jewellery collection - photography and design concept by Patrizio di Renzo

Avant d’admirer les superbes illustrations du Taïwanais Rettag, il convient de définir pour les néophytes ce qu’est un « mecha ». Pour le lecteur de mangas ou/et amateur d’…

Les mechas de Rettag

trydianth: “craeter: “Swallows by Rettag ” Woah, all lefty mecha ”

M92A3 Gargantua Heavy Railgun Tank (FULL HD) by Universe-of-Dusk on DeviantArt

NEW UPDATES ON 3 JUNE Side armor plates added More cyan lights along added White lights along thread covers added Round orangey headlights changed to recta.

Robot Illustration, Fantasy Armor, Anime Fantasy, Cyborgs, Takayama, Anime Comics, Character Ideas, Character Design, Game Design

CGTalk - Mantibot-My entry for a robot design competition, Linghan Bai (3D)

CGTalk - Mantibot-My entry for a robot design competition, Linghan Bai

a8113f651a17a20224b9c3223dfeaa1a.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 4535 pixels)

a8113f651a17a20224b9c3223dfeaa1a.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 4535 pixels)

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