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The latest Tweets from Amie the Great (@a_standal). Dropped the terrible & got in touch with my benevolent side... Mostly. Without freedom, justice, & equality for all, there is none. not in Kansas anymore

Australia's Cardinal Pell testifies from Rome in abuse inquiry

Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell has said the Catholic Church has made "enormous mistakes" in dealing with claims of sexual abuse. He gave evidence from Rome via video link to an Australian inquiry into child sex abuse. No shit, Sherlock!!!!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkey's dominant president

The 61-year-old and his AK Party enjoy a fierce and loyal support among Turkey's conservative, Muslim base, while outside the country outrage grows over his silencing of critics, often by force. Turkish journalists have been investigated and put on trial, foreign journalists have been harassed and deported. Last month, police raided Turkey's biggest newspaper, Zaman. Its staff emerged bloodied and cowed. Zaman's last independent edition said Turkey's press had seen one of its "darkest…

News about #Turkey on Twitter. He's an evil shit of a man and capable of anything. Young conscript soldiers sacrificed and mob brutality rules.

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Apparently Ineos have solved the age old problem of how to deal with radioactive waste. Who'd have thought.

Aylina Kılıç (@AylinaKilic) | Twitter. Aylina Kılıç ‏@AylinaKilic 14h14 hours ago Istanbul, Turkey #Turkey: Ahrar al-Sham militant that US said is ISIS & Nusra subgroup, took to Istanbul streets to support Erdoğan.

Human rights activist projected 'Daesh Bank' onto Saudi Arabia's embassy in Berlin

Human-rights activists have projected the Isis flag and the phrase "Daesh bank" onto the side of the Saudi embassy in Berlin. The "guerrilla light project" was organised by artist Oliver Bienkowski, who wanted to highlight the country's relationship with the extreme Islamist movement and its much-criticised human rights record. Saudi Arabia has been accused of indirectly creating Isis through the propagation of its fundamentalist Wahhabist interpretation of Islam.