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Day April Nephi 16 (or Pages We start off with good ol’ Laman and Lemuel in their usual state of complaint. Nephi quickly diagnoses their problem as a hard heart (spiritual heart disease)... READ MORE HERE!

5 Hilarious Mormon Memes

We love seeing clean, Mormon humor on the internet. And these memes tickled our funny bone just right. To have another laugh, check out some of our other funny LDS memes!

The Best of Mormon Humor from the Internet

Nutrition: lbs. of chocolate chips? (We don't recommend this method.)" This is my actual fear. I could end up with a camp stove for instance and no fuel for it. This sort of thing takes PLANNING. ;-)

WAKING UP JESUS As you celebrate Christmas and as you allow the festival spirit to overflow into the coming days, as you prepare to welcome a new year, think about how you can drum up some fresh ideas...

Pinner said: Reminds me of when my teacher asked who the President was. She did not understand why I got so upset over her not believing me that it was President Benson. (True story.) Funny/LDS Humor « LDS S.M.I.L.E.

40 Funny Mormon Memes

We Never Walk Alone BY PRESIDENT THOMAS S. MONSON ---- As the Apostle Paul Admonished: “Let your requests be made known unto God. "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Lol!!! This is SO ME!!! I even leave them off when I walk up to play the piano!! hahaha [and one can see me because of the way our church is strategically designed :)))) This made me die laughing... :D

9 Hilarious Mormon Valentine's Memes

Try not to take yourself too seriously this Valentine's season with these 9 hilarious Mormon memes on love, dating, and relationships.

Rather than approach stories on their own uncomfortable terms, Rick Warren’s new diet plan pulls exiled, bewildered Daniel away from the king’s table and demands, “Tell me the secret to controlling your carb intake!”

screencaps of the hit pbs kid's show arthur. out of context, except when they're not. why not suss some great classic hits? all questions and queries are welcome, but be sure to read the FAQ! and...