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A little bit? Fuck that! Hard-core, rough, biting, scratches, screaming, slapping, pinching, pulling, whips, rope and PAIN!

Oh, could use this one and often.

Please someone give me a sign or point me to the path I'm supposed to take! Never been so completely torn or confused in my whole life

One of my favorite scenes! Damon is so damn sexy and when he is protecting the people he loves he is even hotter!!

Funny Teen Wolf quote. I just love the fact that isaac has no clue what's going on but joins in anyway.

Poor you . How pathetic it is to play victim to the shit you created.. Now you wanna cry about it ! Please bitch you have NO IDEA the tricks I have up my sleeves ! Just be patient... Like I said I DONT PLAY GAMES I WIN THEM !!

from Etsy

Teen Wolf - Void!Stiles, Poster. (Feat. Stiles, Dylan O'Brien)

Teen Wolf - Void!Stiles, Poster. (Feat. Stiles, Dylan O'Brien) OMG yes please

Well actually if there was no key in the car and it was being hot wired or something then that wouldn't have worked

Seriously! I HATE when people do this!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have just made me feel so much better or less tired by asking! Not!